Technology & Information Systems

     Egnaa for Technology & Information Systems is a leading full business automation center. Since established, in Oct. 2002, it has made remarkable progress in such a short time. This is due to, second to the will of Allah, the dedicated teamwork and the unique interface between sales team and support professionals, this is what made us gain the respect and dependability of our clients. Client trust, respect, and dependability are our true goals and profits. This is why we do every thing possible to provide our unique and cost effective solutions to a wide range of clients.

The wide range of clients we serve, require a wide range of expectations as well as wide range of products. The need of variety of products made us select through the globe for the best items to integrate into our solutions, as well as, being the best cost effective products. Listed in the following pages are some of our services.


We at EGNAA believe that one of the essential factors of today’s business world is communication. Therefore, we are dedicated to provide our clients with reliable communication systems for both Voice and DATA. We help our clients design their communications infrastructure, to best fit their immediate need with the possibility of expansion in the future as needed. Our solutions include:

  • Wired (both copper and Fiber  Optics) cable runs, termination, splicing, and
  • Wireless connection WiFi, WiMAX, and Laser connections. This includes antenna mounting, direction pointing, signal check, and trouble shooting.

More over we provide robust audio communication solutions for PBX, VoIP and GSM solutions. Moreover, We designed and implemented Server rooms for our clients to best suite their budget and provide best ROI

Wireless Networks for wide area coverage

EGNAA is one of the few specialized application offices in Saudi Arabia that integrate wireless networks in various applications. Wireless networks serve many industries,

  • Government
    In SKAKA Egnaa had designed and installed wireless network to link remote live monitoring points with Main building of Public Safety Command building. This project was highly traffic intensive due to live Video transmission from remote points to main tower. This project was implemented using 25 Micro-Tech remote devices to Central tower of Public safety tower with links up to 25KM,  and fiber optic links to 4 buildings
  • Real Estate
    Many residential Compounds and resorts implement Wi-Fi networks as courtesy to win loyalty of their clients. Projects such as Riyadh village in Riyadh 400M x 550M, was designed and implemented using 5 antennas to cover the whole area.
  • Communications
    Operators internet connectivity

    This project was with GO (Atheeb) communications company to provide high speed internet links to construction companies in remote areas, as well as, call cabins in Jeddah, Makkah, Taif, and Thahaban. This project was implemented using Wi-Max links 5.4Ghz with links up to 35KM apart.


It’s a connected world, therefore, We provide our clients with all necessary software, hardware, and expertise to keep you on line. Whether its individual, or a network, dial up or permanent connection we have the best tools and utilities to keep you on line, even at remote locations. More over, Should you decide to spare the headache and agony of multi-networking environments, we will design and host your site for you. On the other hand, if you need to keep your data on-line to your employees, clients, and vendors, we will protect it for you from external or internal unauthorized access or virus attack or data miss use.  We will also help you expand your network to worldwide locations at fractional charge of the international leased lines or wide area connectivity charges.

  • Domain registration
    This is the first step into the ocean. It is essential to reserve your unique identity, logo, or company name on the world Wide Web.This process must to be taken with great thought and consideration to search and match your domain. Two main factors are to be considered; one It resembles your identity and second ease of reach by your targeted visitors.
  • Hosting, Web Development and Design
    This is where you distinguish your company form the crowd. Elegance, simplicity, traffic speed, ease of use, and interactive services are major factors in winning your visitors trust and loyalty. This is where we distinguish our self from all other vendors. Our design team is well trained to measure all such factors in clients application and design to help them deliver the best solution with best satisfaction.
  • Online Store
    Set it up with Egnaa  and rest back and let your web site sell for you 24/7. Online stores are open all day and all night and we can deliver you the best online solution to satisfy your wild demands including e-payment.
  • Online Advertising
    Once your site is up and ready to begin business, you need to advertise it  and your products to draw traffic and receive more clients. We provide with top marketing tools to reach your targeted clients as per age, sex, and geographical locations.
  • Business Automation Solutions
      Human errors has always been one of the major factors of systems failure, this lead us to introduce business automation solutions. Our business automation solutions focus on the best practices and approach to utilize current resources and build on it to increase productivity, reduce cost, and consequently maximize profit. Our solutions include hard ware investment and software systems to help manage it
  • Software Solutions
    Aseel Accounting Software is our in house developed in cooperation with Moore Steven Auditing office in Jordan. Our business includes every thing you need to fully control your usiness. GL, Stock control (ware house), Billing, Point Of Sale, Production line, CRM, HR, Pay roll, and Future Resources Planning are all integrated modules in our software.
  • Production Automation
    Our Automation services include upgrading current production lines to help increase productivity, reduce operation cost, and easier maintenance. We build custom electronic circuits as needed, and we customize our solution to fit client’s budget. This also include utilizing virtual instrumentation and data acquisition systems to better  data analysis, faster control of events, and more benefits. Whether, it is an industrial application, a research instrument, or small private we can provide you with the tools to control the data from event’s occurrence to analysis, to data presentation.
  • Sales Enhancing tools
    Our sales automation tools are composite modules based on using smart phones or tablets, to integrate sakes force interactivity with head office to provide on line data connectivity. Our module can be integrated with any other application and any software to provide cost effective solution for upgrading to latest world calss echnology.
  • Smart Homes & Building Management Systems
    Whatever the  property is,  an apartment, villa, office or a large corporate, BMS has becoming a necessity. It begins from the simple access control unit used to limit unauthorized users, up to the most sophisticated control systems for lighting, AC, audio systems, and power management.  It all can be integrated into time and attendance for corporate staff. BMS also can be used for security reasons to monitor the building or locations using CCTV. And it can expand to have full control over the building to control temperature, lighting, elevators, fire systems, garage, and any other features needed.


Information is the most valuable commodity in any institute. It is under threat from data fraud, illegal access, virus infestation, malicious damage, and copyrights preach. We have the most advanced and integrated solutions to protect your data from all these threats. Whether it is on a portable computer, stand alone PC, or a networked system, with our solutions you can rest assured only authorized personnel get access to their data.